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Online Texas License to Carry




Online Texas License to Carry Class

The Online License to Carry class is a state mandated 4 hour course and you will have up to 6 months access. Each student must complete a video section prior to moving on to next lesson or to save progress. Upon completion of each of the modules, you’ll be administered a 25 question, multiple choice, true/false test. Must pass with a score of at least a 70% to be awarded a Certificate of Training (LTC 101).   This form will be needed  to bring with you when you schedule your In Person 50 round shooting proficiency with a LTC Certified Instructor.

Why Obtain a Texas License to Carry?

Even with the passage of Texas HB 1927, which allows for the permitless carry of a handgun in Texas, most people are still choosing to get a License to Carry. Permitless carry is very restricted when compared to the LTC. The Texas LTC gives legal protections and multiple benefits when carrying a gun that are not covered under permitless/constitutional carry in Texas. Not only are there advantages within Texas law for having an LTC, the online class also covers material that every gun owner is responsible to know and is crucial to be aware of.


COMPARISONS Texas License to Carry Texas Permitless Carry
Open Carry a Handgun in Public
Concealed Carry a Handgun in Public
Must Meet Eligibility Requirements
Carry in Federal Gun Free School Zones
Bypass Background Checks when Purchasing Firearms
Carry in 35+ Other Sates
Carry in Public Place With Any Type of “No Firearm” Sign Posted
Legal Protections When Carrying at Certain Prohibited Locations
Carry Inside College Campus Buildings and College Sporting Events
Room of an Open Meeting of a Governmental Entity
Airport  Trespass Protections


About this Online Course

  • Fulfills the classroom training requirement for a Texas LTC
  • 4 hours long and can be taken at your own pace from anywhere.
  • Broken into 10-20 min video segments. 
  • Start the class immediately after purchase, or later
  • Start and stop the class as many times as needed
  • 6 months access
  • Easy multiple choice test at the end (as required by TX DPS)
  • LTC-101 Certificate of completion immediately available to download

Who can take the class?

Anyone can take the online class. The material covered applies to anyone interested in firearms and goes over firearm safety, Texas law, federal law, deescalation techniques, methods of carry and more. TexasGunLicense.net does not issue the actual license or permits. An application must be completed with Texas DPS for the license to carry and Texas DPS will issue the LTC to you.

Certificate of Completion

The certificate issued at the successful completion of this course is valid for 2 years. After the online class, the certificate can be taken to any Texas License to Carry instructor for the proficiency demonstration or contact us to schedule your shooting proficiency in Houston or Austin. You may also use our Instructor Locator tool to find an instructor near you. The proficiency demonstration consists of the shooting qualification and 1-2 hours of “range instruction”. What is included and how long the range instruction portion goes for is up to each individual LTC instructor. If you are not sure where to go to have this done, TexasGunLicense.net has partnered with LTC instructors, ranges and gun stores throughout Texas to help you complete the proficiency demonstration.

Topics covered for the Online Texas License to Carry class include:

  1. Weapon Law – Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force
  2. Handgun Use and Safety – Including use of holders and methods to ensure the secure carrying of handguns
  3. Non-Violent Dispute Resolution – Deescalation techniques including communication skills and situational awareness
  4. Safe Storage Practices – handgun storage options and law relating to storage

All of the material provided relates back to carrying a pistol in public in order to be as safe as possible. Whether you intend to carry a gun or not, this course is great for anyone interested in learning more about the above topics.

Training Exemptions

If you are active duty military or a veteran that has qualified with a firearm in the last 10 years then you may not need to do the proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification) with an LTC instructor. There are multiple professions listed by DPS that may be exempt from the shooting proficiency or even the entire license to carry class.


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